Winter Home Cleaning Tips

January 15, 2018





Winter Home Cleaning Tips 



Winter is here and it's that time of year where snow, salt, and even that dark slushy mixture gets tracked into the house. We have come up with a few tips on how to keep your house tidy during these next few snowy months, enjoy!


Tip 1. Leave your shoes at the door. This is the easiest way to keep the floors clean from all of the outside elements. We all hate the feeling of stepping in a melted snow puddle with socks on. This will keep your floors dry and that means your socks stay dry too. 


Tip 2. Keep a towel next to the door for pets. Depending on the weather, dogs legs are often covered in snow or mud. Wipe your animals legs and paws off before they come back into the house. This reduces wetness on floors, furniture, and even your clothes. 


Tip 3. Vacuum rugs and carpet for salt. If you vacuum regularly (1-2 times per week depending on the number of household members)  you can reduce the amount of salt that is tracked into the house. This will save your floors from being damaged and give you a peace of mind.


Tip 4. Wipe down commonly used surfaces. This includes door knobs, hand rails, countertops, keyboards, etc. This should reduces bacteria on surfaces which will help prevent colds from spreading during the flu season. 


Tip 5. Change the air filter. This allows your furnace to work easier when heating the house and will cut down on energy costs. This also will help keep your house clean by reducing the amount of dust. 


Tip 6. Organize winter gear. Winterize the entryway by organizing a designated area for the whole household to wipe off and store their shoes. Create a designated area near the door for items such as hats, gloves, scrapers, de-icers, etc. This allows for you and the whole family to be prepared for the elements.


Hopefully these tips will help keep the house a little cleaner during the winter months!



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